Connect Suite
It’s no longer enough to provide great customer service—you have to maintain that level of quality across a vast array of platforms and social networks. TaskSuite is up to the job with their cloud-based contact center platform.
Amazing Customer Experience
It’s time to bring your customer service experience to the next level with our innovative call center management and productivity tools. By putting all of your digital interactions in one place, you can address your customer’s support needs faster.
Streamlined Servicing
Automate service processes with intelligent workflows—automatically assign jobs to the most qualified employee, quickly route customers to the nessecary information, and scale your support offerings with customized chat bot auto-responses.
Increased Revenue
When the most complex service processes are streamlined and your customers are connected to the agent that suits their needs best, you will see an increase in conversions and sales—further driving revenue.
Agent Monitoring
Flexible remote work options are more important than ever before. TaskSuite’s contact platform allows you to see which agents are online, when they clocked in on any given day, and when in and outbound contacts are initiated—important remore-work features.
Real-Time Dashboard
TaskSuite’s contact platform displays visually-appealing KPIs and contact statistics in real time, which can be easily read by anyone on the support team. This provides deeper insight into performance and highlights potential areas of improvement.
In Depth Reporting
Team leaders can access real-time data and historical reporting, for powerful insights—making it easy to understand your business at a deeper level and allowing you to manage customer experiences across a variety of channels with ease.
Features and Functions
TaskSuite offers a wide variety of powerful call center features designed to help organize and streamline in and outbound contacts over a variety of channels.
There are countless social media platforms out there, with new opportunities to connect with and service your customers appearing every day. Provide exceptional experiences across any channel—voice, text, email, web chat—by managing everything in one place.
Campaign Management
Create and manage outreach campaigns across a variety of different platforms using a customizable set of data, and track your campaigns’ progress and effectiveness in real-time via our customizable dashboards.
IVR, Queues & Routing
Implement smart inbound strategies by setting up and managing call flows via a variety of useful functions, such as interactive voice response (IVR), call queues, and automated call routing—all while quickly and easily monitoring the process in real-time from the dashboard.
Dialer Options
There are a variety of dialer options available to automate your outbound calls depending on your need—click-to-dial or auto-dial. Our voicemail detection and AI best-time-to-call prediction engine will save you time and money.
Quality Assurance & Recordings
It’s important to keep a close eye on your support team’s perofrmance—TaskSuite records and stores all contacts for later review by your quality assurance team.
Customize & Integrate
Customize your contact center experience through powerful integrations with the most popular CRMs, including SalesForce and Microsoft Dynamics.
Quick Connect
TaskSuite uses your device's microphone and makes calls directly from your browser, making it one of the most flexible contact center solutions available.
Ready for a solution that fits your business?
If you’re looking to save money and grow your business by streamlining and simplifying processes with TaskSuite—give us a call. We’re happy to answer any questions you may have about getting started with our platform.