Service Suite
In order to compete with today’s top companies, you need to provide top-class customer service. TaskSuite helps you resolve queries faster and turns your customers into promoters who help grow your business.
Manage Multiple Channels
There are countless new ways to interact with your audience via the internet. TaskSuite allows you to manage contacts across a variety of channels such as phone, email, text, live web chat, and even WhatsApp and other social media platforms—all in one place.
Reduce Risk through Control
The more insight you have on your business, the more effective decisions you can make on its direction. By gaining insight into your customer support interactions and automating processes for faster resolution, you greatly reduce future uncertainty.
Grow your Business
When customers service to you via modern account-based methods of interaction, they become brand ambassadors of a sort—the closer they feel to your company, the more likely they are to spread the word and help expand your reach.
Increased Productivity
With its approachable, easy-to-navigate interface as well as built-in smart workflows and process automation, you can reduce operational complexity, allowing team members to handle more requests in less time.
Create and Track Custom Service-Level Agreements
Quickly and efficiently set up and track service-level agreements via a ticket—TaskSuite allows users to specify ticket type, customer classification, or your own custom SLA rules.
Use FAQs to Train Your Support Team
TaskSuite tracks valuable information, such as documentation and help articles, to be collected and sorted into a knowledge base that is being constantly updated and refined. The information can be searched and provided to customers in FAQ pages.
Features and Functions
TaskSuite offers a wide variety of powerful call center features designed to help organize and streamline in and outbound contacts over a variety of channels.
Omni-channel Conversations
Scaling your service operation across a variety of communication channels is easier than ever—by creating a collaborative index that aggregates customer communication data, you can reach out to them via their preferred channel with the click of a button.
Quickly and easily track customer requests via our intuitive ticketing system. TaskSuite logs and organizes customer issues in a central location to be assigned to service desk team members based on various predetermined and custom variables.
Automation & Allocation
As your business grows, it will become important to automate the most common service actions with automatic task creation, AI-generated responses, and the smart extraction of intregal data from emails, documents, and much more.
Knowledge Base
By collating the most important information into one searchable database, you can provide customers with a FAQ, allowing them to do self-service on some of the most common issues and freeing up your team for more complex tasks.
Customer Satisfaction Rating
It’s impossible to improve your customer’s experience without feedback—let customers rate your service and leverage positive ratings and reviews to help promote your business.
Quality Assurance
With all of your customer service data collected in one place, you can allocate completed requests for review by your QA team, and even automatically tag tickets for review based on custom variables.
Canned Responses
TaskSuite provides agents with a set of customizable, predetermined responses to the most common questions, so the same answer doesn’t have to be typed out repeatedly.
Start now with TaskSuite.
If you’re looking to save money and grow your business by streamlining and simplifying processes with TaskSuite—give us a call. We’re happy to answer any questions you may have about getting started with our platform.